Crib Safety Notice


At Dorel Asia, your family's safety is our top priority. As a leading juvenile products provider, Dorel Asia honors its responsibility to parents and caregivers to offer products with the highest quality and reliability standards for its users. Our cribs are regularly tested by independent testing laboratories to certify they meet and exceed all government and industry standards and provide a safe sleeping environment for children. 

As with any product, particular attention should be paid to the manufacturer’s instructions regarding the proper assembly of the cribs, and their intended use. If you no longer have the instruction sheets to your crib, you can download them here or contact 1-800-295-1980 . Also available on our site is a Crib Safety Video. We urge you to take a few minutes to view it.

Read the CPSC Press Release

Dorel Asia Clarifying Statement

Dorel Asia will send you a free replacement kit which includes the slatted crib rails and a drop-side immobilizer (if applicable). Click here to order your replacement parts.